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The ever-changing and growing market in China has set the tone for this country for many years to come. China is the world's largest economy and has also managed to acquire a solid and reliable business climate in China. Technology, energy, engineering, health, manufacturing, import and export, automotive, food and beverages are only a few of the expressive domains in which people can set up companies in China and benefit from numerous advantages like a stable market and varied ways to generate profits. Antares business Services Company (ABS) is a leading company in providing the professional assistance in establishing your company offices in China, registration of different types of companies and navigate the process of company formation. If you are considering starting a company in China, or doing business with a company in China, it is important to first learn a little about how the system of company registration in China works. The more you educate yourself about P. R China's laws and business procedures, the more success you will have conducting business in the country. Here are 7 of the most common forms of company registration in China.


  • Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise
  • Consulting Company
  • Shelf Company
  • Food & Beverage
  • Trading Import & Export
  • Representative Office
  • Manufacturing Company