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Antimony Ore
Antimony Ore

Antimony is nonmalleable, hard and brittle and can be crushed to a powder. The principal ore minerals of antimony are stibnite and Jamesonite, but it can also be a byproduct of certain other minerals. Antimony is a lustrous silvery-white semimetal or metalloid. As a supplier of raw material minerals, we supply Antimony from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Morocco.  


SAntimony alloys are also used in batteries, low friction metals, type metal and cable sheathing, among other products. Antimony compounds are used to make flame-proofing materials, paints, ceramic enamels, glass and pottery. The ancient Egyptians used antimony, in the form of stibnite, for black eye make-up

Antimony Ore

Chemical Composition

Sb 30-70%
As: 0.005% Max
Pb: 0.001% Max;
Si: 10.05% Max