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Quartz / Silica Sand

Quartz is the most abundant and widely distributed mineral found on Earth's surface. ABS supply a wide range of quartz. Silica, or more correctly silicon dioxide SiO2, is one of the most abundant compounds on the surface of the Earth, being most obvious as quartz and common sand. Silica has a multitude of uses depending on the degree of purity. Grades up to 99.99% SiO2 are used in the manufacture of glass, optical fibers, ceramics etc.  

Types of Quartz

Milky Silica Quartz
Copper Ore
Semi watery Quartz
Copper Ore
Watery Quartz / translucent Quartz
Copper Ore
Silica Sand
Copper Ore


Glass making
Hydraulic fracturing proppant
Steel industry
Foundry sand
Structural materials
Cement Manufacturing
Chemical factories


SiO2: 96-99.90%
Fe2O3: 0.30-0.50%
Al2O3: 0.50-0.70%
MgO: 0.06-0.50%
CaO : 0.27-0.90%

Production sizes and packing

Lumps and boulders of different sizes and customize sizes are as following 0.1 mm – 0.6 mm,0.6 mm – 1.2 mm,1.2 mm – 2.5 mm etc. Our packing include 10KG, 25Kg, 50KG PP bags and lumps are packed in Jumbo bags.