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Lead Ore
Lead Ore

Lead is a bluish-white, shiny metal which is very resistant to corrosion. It is very dense but also very soft. Lead rarely occurs on its own in nature and is most abundant of the heavy metals. Lead is a good electrical conductor but is toxic if too much is absorbed into the body. We have great mines of lead in Pakistan and Afghanistan and can offer lead purity ranging from 20-77%.  


Largest application being in batteries for vehicles and electrical devices. Used in glass for TV and computer screens for radiation protection. Chemical industry: Lead's corrosion resistance makes it ideal to line containers and pipes for storing and carrying corrosive chemicals. Others: Ammunition, Health, Housing, ceramics, Insulation UV barrier in PVC products, and to minimize Sulphur gas emissions by industry.

Lead Ore

Chemical Composition

Pb: 20 – 77 %
Ag: 500 – 1200 ppm
Fe: 3 – 12 %