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Our company carries out international cargo transportation all over the world, our specialists in the field of international logistics have extensive experience in the field of cargo transportation by various modes of transport.

Logistics and the transportation of goods are very diverse and complex industries. It involves many shipping modes or different types of transportation and ways of shipping goods.

Sometimes, it may be challenging for a company to choose the right mode of transportation to reach the best result. However, knowing the differences and benefits of each transportation method will help you define the option that will work best for you.

There are various forms of transportation, but when it comes to freight shipping, there are several main transportation methods in the freight industry:

  • Ocean
  • Air
  • Rail
  • Road

All of these modes of transport are extremely important and play a significant role in the industry. However, there are many differences in terms of price, shipped commodities, transit distance, etc.

` Inspection services

Our experts in the shortest possible time can provide a high level of quality inspection services, taking into account all the features of the client's business.

We offer verification of various types of products, samples, factory inspections, as well as loading control.

If necessary, the specialists of our company are ready to come to the factory, warehouse, ports and loading points to inspect the quality of the goods, as well as prepare all relevant reports and analyses.

These documents are provided to the client in electronic form.

Shipment inspection is a verification and guarantee of the following items:

  • Number of goods;
  • Quality;
  • Models and articles;
  • Total weight, volume;
  • Packing quality;
  • Composition of goods.

` Documentation

Our company offers the service of document processing for the export of various groups of goods.

Documents are prepared by us with the utmost care and reconciliation. We understand that errors in original documents are not allowed. Why? Because they will have to be redone and re-submitted. Time is wasted. This is unacceptable in our practice.

We make the documents with all responsibility and guarantee the efficiency and quality of the service. We will save your time. We will save you from paperwork.

List of documents for export of goods:

  • Customs declaration;
  • Documents confirming the fact of payment of customs duties and export duties, if applicable;
  • Contract, appendix, specification;
  • Proforma invoice;
  • Packing list;
  • Certificates and other documents for the cargo from the manufacturer (operating instructions, technical description, photo etc.);
  • Export license;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Quality and safety certificates;
  • Bill of lading, railway bill, air waybill;

Having enough experience in processing various types of cargo for export, we will promptly receive the documents you need.

You can freely contact our specialists. We will answer your questions and offer the best options.